By- Maheshkumar Balaso Thombare

(Quality Auditor Six Sigma Black Belt)


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03-Dos and Not to Do
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DosNot to do :Responsibility and respective format.
1.    1.Cubes to be casted in plain level ground. 2.   2.Cubes are to be casted in set 3 no. 3.    3. Cubes to be casted in three layers with 30 tamping with out disturbing bottom neat layers. 4.    4.Remould the cubes after minimum 17 hours. 5.       Acceptance criteria a.    1.Mean strength determined from any group of four consecutive  tests results complies the appropriate limit  fck+.825X established standard deviations or fck+4 kn/Sq mm which ever is lesser.  In case of m25 and above. b.    2.Strength determined from any of tests results is not less then the specific characteristic   strength fck-4kn/sq mm in case of m-25 and above. c.    3.In a set of three Indusial strength, Not differing + or – 15% of avarage strength. 6.    4.Maintain the water level in curing tank. Change the water in tank and clean the same at lest once in 60 days. 7.    5.Maintain separate tank / bifurcations for 7 day and 28 days for easy identification.1.      1. Don’t   Cast the cubes near vibration surfaces 2.       2.Don’t extract the sample for cube casting from single source at different time for single set of cubes. Sample should be extracted at once for one set. 3.       3.Don’t oil the cube surface in excess. 4.      4. Don’t Cast the cubes with out tightening and checking dimensions of mould. 5.       5.Don’t keep the manually finished surface of cube abating the loading plate surface 6.      6. Don’t use the water from Curing tank for Construction purpose.1. QC Supervisor 1.       CUBE TEST Document Identification No                           AD&B /PRO/F07
1.      1. Place the concrete with in 150minits after mixing time if it is concrete with Admixture. 30Minutes if it is with out admixture. 2.       2.In case of Miller concrete Give speed rotation before unloading, 3.       3.Collect the sample for cube after unloading 1/3 of concrete quantity. 4.       4.Order 3 Cu M, Transit mixer if the concrete is for column and manual placement. 5.       5.Dozing of admixture should be by RMC Engineer only. 6.       6.Filling the T M Movement checklist and checking slump at required in travels of one in 4 TM. 7.       7.In vertical lift pipes of concrete pumping all O rings are to be provided and it must be zero leakage. 8.       8.In pipe line Pump to next  bend keeping pipe in raised  level in case of lift to high rise / lowering   in the case of down to pit concrete1.      1. Don’t allow the water mixing in TM for improving workability. 2.      2. Don’t Keep TM at site beyond specified timing quoting whatever the reason. 3.       3.Don’t allow the concrete with out verifying Batching plant delivery sheet ( menu card ). 4.      4. Don’t Unload any materials with out QC engineers clearance and use the same at works. 5.       5.Don’t Check the pipe line while concreting with out keeping ply board or collection pan for collection of spilled concrete. 6.       6.Don’t keep pipe line from Pump to next bend keeping pipe in lower level in case of lift to high rise / rising in the case of down to pit concrete. 1.QC Superviser and site engineer. 1.      2. Concrete receipt Checklist at site      (Transit Mixer) Document Identification No   AD&B/PRO/F6 2.       3.Coarse Aggregate Sieve Analysis (20mm) Document Identification No insp /F03 3.      4. Coarse Aggregate Sieve Analysis (12.5mm): Document Identification No Insp /F3A 4.       5.Fine Aggregate Sieve Analysis: Document Identification No Insp /F2 5.       6.Fine Aggregate Silt Test: Document Identification No Insp /F1
1.       1.Clear all loose partials of old concrete apply surface treatment as specified (cement mortar in case of regular joints / Neto bond in case of special cases. 2.      2. Ensure during concrete successive layer is not in cold condition. 3.      3. Ensure the leak tight shuttering in moulds. No gaps are let out before pour clearance.1.       1.Don’t stop concrete beyond half span. Neither one third nor half of span.1.QC Superviser and Site  Superviser 1.      2.Concrete Pour Card Document Identification No AD&B/PRO/F5
1.      1. Mixing is to be on MS sheets or brick platform only. 2.       2.Measurements of sand using Boxes earmarked perfect measurement. 3.      3. Sieved sand only to be allowed for any works. 4.      4. Check of acceptance criteria like sieve test and silt content check before use of sand in work.1.       1.Don’t Mix the mortar in floor or ground directly. 2.       2.Don’t Measure the sand using Mortar pans.   3.       3.Don’t use the sand with out sieving.   4.      4. Don’t Start the days work with out required clearances  1.Site  Superviser 1.       Check list for Plastering : Document Identification No-AD&B/PRO/F9 2        2. Check list for Block Work : Document Identification No AD&B/PRO/F8 3         3.Check list for Internal Painting Document Identification No AD&B/PRO/F11 4          4.Check list for Tiling ( Flooring , Dado, Skirting ) Document Identification No AD&B/PRO/F10
1.       1.Using of well soaked bricks only. 2.       2.Start of activity with updating respective checklist. 3.       3.Cleaning the platform and surrounding area to the original status. 4.       4. Giving dense coating of cement slurry on the top surface of mesa nary at the time of closing work for surface tightness. 5.      5. Racking out the joints on the surfaces of masonry for pointing or plastering. 6.      6. Leave the openings providing sleeves / weep holes or insert plates MS bars at the time of constructing mesa nary. 7.      7. Marking the date of work on the surfaces for documentation and confirmation of curing. 8.      8. Construct up to one brick bellow hull height, one brick has to be constructed after curing period in case of brick work in framed structure.1.       1.Start of activity with out marking as well as same checked by competent authority. 2.       2.Plastering the surfaces with providing simultaneous bull line and corner pads, 3.       3.Starting of activity with available scaffolding arrangements.        ( Scaffolding should be of proper with  safety clearance,) 4.       4.Don’t keep the loose joints between and above bricks bellow Safet of beams 5.       5.Don’t apply plastering on un soaked surface / surface has to be fully soaked at lest two hours before start of plastering. 6.       6.Don’t keep the plastering point in top plain surface of parapet wall.    1.Site engineer 1         Check list for Plastering : Document Identification No-AD&B/PRO/F03 2         2.Check list for Block Work : Document Identification No AD&B/PRO/F05 3       3. Check list for Internal Painting Document Identification No AD&B/PRO/F02 4          4.Check list for Tiling ( Flooring , Dado, Skirting ) Document Identification No AD&B/PRO/F05
1.      1. Support the shuttering mould over firm ground surface, provide Soaling if required. 2.       2.Check the jack thread slippage on load segregate and keep it away from use where load is anticipated. The same can be used in walk way scaffolding. 3.       3.Confirm the Horizontal and diagonal breezing before start of concrete. 4.      4. In case of early loading 1st down below with 50% and 2nd below 25% scaffolding should be ascertained. 5.      5. Check the no of pipe support for the live and dead load at the time of designing scaffolding. 6.      6. Use all prescribed accessory in case of special scaffolding like Doca shuttering. 7.       7.Clean and oil the shuttering before handing over for next stage ensure all wooden and other dirty particles are removed from concrete mould. 8.       8.Use pipe and stiffener rod and pack pipe / Tie rods are provided chip concrete in cup shape cut rod before cover thickness pack the same to finished surface. 1.      1. Do Not Keep old M S shuttering plate below jack base plate in slushy soil. 2.       2. Don’t start slab concrete with out ensuring the carpenter in underneath for watching supporting system. 3.       3. Don’t load the slab with out ensuring its cube strength results. 4.       4. Don’t extend the acrow span beyond prescribed length and providing additional supporting at centre. 5.       5. Don’t allow reinforcement binding with out ensuring shuttering check and clearance of the same. 6.       6. Don’t Use the bend runners in shuttering boards with out repair and updating the same. 7.       7. Don’t keep the beam bottoms with out removal of excess concrete in column. 8.       8. Don’t keep any shuttering materials pending removal from the concrete structure like runners , ply etc.1.Site engineer 1.       Concrete Pour Card Document Identification  No AD&B/PRO/F5  
1.     1.  Check MTC / third party test certificate before start of bar bending activity. 2.      2. Stack re bars minimum 15Cm above Ground / non of rod touch ground. 3.     3.  Put the tag reading Bar of Mark / Dia / Drawing ref with waterproof pencil  on stacking area after bending. 4.       4.Stack the scrap rods in location dia wise for easy utilisation on requirement. 5.       5.Provide the chair crank rod with 6mm MS rod for each as shown in pitcher attached. Ascertain the position of top reinforcement in case of slab. 6.      6. Ascertain column and beam rings at beam column junction. 7.       7.Ensure no shuttering oil coated on rod surface at the time of concrete. 8.      8. In column Master ring should be provided one at the level of concrete and another 1.00 M above concrete level.1.       1.Re bar should not touch the shutter mould / PCC surface at any situation provide cover bar / spacer bar to ascertained location. 2.       2. Do not deviate any detailing with out obtaining approved signature by the competent authority. 3.      3. Do not Jagal the column by heating / using the gas cutter. 4.       4.Don’t take the beam rods out side the column vertical rods I.e. in cover zone. 5.      5. Do not keep the rings open in column and beams / locking by bending at 135 Degree should be ascertained.1. Site engineer 1.       Concrete Pour Card Document Identification No AD&B/PRO/F5
1.      1. Before start of waterproofing ascertain the structure is water tight. By pounding of water. 2.      2. If any leakages are observed update by cement grouting after tight only activities to be started. 3.      3. Check the waterproofing material weather as per specification and expiry date before use. 4.       4.Keep the water pounding for full curing period.1.       1.Don’t use the un soaked, un burnt or over burnt bricks in waterproofing activity. 2.     2.  Don’t use the un sieved sand in the above works. 3.       3.Don’t keep the plastering point in top plain surface of parapet wall. 4.      4. Don’t leave any exposed reinforcement steel rods in the structure to be waterproofed.1. Site engineer 1.    Check list for Water Proofing (Toilet/ Balcony/Utility): Document Identification No PRO /F-9
1.      1. Ensure approved brand of paint and other and colour before start of activity. 2.       2.Confirm the viscosity thinner mixing during painting by regular and sudden inspection. 3.       3.Keep the tally of coverage and consummation of material.1.      1 Don’t allow the painting activity at different stages of process with out confirming stage completion.1. Site engineer 1.       Check list for Painting : Document Identification No AD&B/PRO/F11
1.      1. Get the excavation plan thoroughly checked in line with bore hole data / trial pit details. 2.      2. Conformation of other services detailing to be obtained to avoid any undue accident /incidents. 3.      3. Conform the blasting licence and its validity of blaster before loading explosives. the charge 4.       4.Control the charge at the time of blasting using Delay detonators 5.      5. Check the side slope during excavation.1.      1. Don’t start the excavation activities with out taking levels of various stages. 2.       2.Don’t allow for blasting below E B lines with out controlling flies. 3.      3. Don’t do any blasting before sun rise and after sun set.1         Site Clarence: Document Identification No. AD&B/PRO/F1 2         Level Register Document Identification No. AD&B/PRO/F2 3         Stack measurement: Document Identification No. AD&B/PRO/F3 4         Soil compaction test Document Identification No PRO /F4 5         Proctor modified density (Sand Replacement) IS: 2720(part-28): Document Identification No. AD&B/PRO/4A 6         Bitumen Extraction: Document Identification No. AD&B/INSP/F12
1.      1. Ensure quality of pipe and other accessories before start of activities. 2.       2.Conform the painting if needed line and level before clamping / encasing. 3.      3. Conform the clamping / encasing of pipelines for its rigidity. 4.       4.Ensure track markers fixity at proper location.1.     1. Don’t fill the backfill with all junk / it should be with selected materials at least 150mm from its surrounding.    Site engineer 1         Check list for Pipe line (External) Document Identification No/Insp /F2 2         Check list for Pipe line (internal) Document Identification No Insp /F2A
1.      1. Barricade the fall position with safety ribbons / manila rope 2.       2.Conduct the tool box meeting among 100% of working force. 3.       3.Prepare job safety analyses before start of major events. 4.     4.  Get the height permit before start of work wherever necessary 5.      5. Get the scaffolding checked and cleared by safety supervisor. 6.     6.  Patrolling of openings and barricading should be done on daily bases 7.       7.Check of electrical installations should be ensured at  weakly once. 8.       8.Tower Crain and hoist should be ensured for its stability at once in fort night. 9.       9.Housekeeping is to be monitored on day to day bases.1.       1.Don’t allow the workers with out proper Personal protection equipments like helmet, Safety belt, Googols hand glues safety shoes in the construction premises. 2.       2. Don’t allow any one in working premises with intoxication. 3.       3. Don’t allow irrelevant persons inside construction site. 4.       4. Don’t allow for work with out safety net in high raised structure.                1. Safety superviser and site engineer 1.       Tool box meeting: Document Identification No Safety /F-01 2.       ACCIDENT INCIDENT REPORT: Document Identification No: Safety /F-02
1.     1.  Bar chart should be reviewed and action plan to be made for deficiency on periodical manner. 2.      2. Display company Quality and other policy at office premises. Display of No Smoking Boards in office premises. 3.      3. Display Organization chart of project management with fully updated status. 4.       4. Maintain Hindrance register for delay with full details of reasons for delay. 5.       5. Conduct the introduction of new comers meeting explaining his role in project / issue a circular in this regard for better communication. 6.       6.File keeping should be in a position to excess for easy traceability of records and documentations. 7.       7.Meetings with supporting department like design architect as well as in-house sections should be conducted at lest once a month with out fail. 8.       8.Ensure the documentary proof of any revision for what ever the reasons by the competent authority.1.      1. Don’t issue the drawing / any document either in house or to contractor with out acknowledgement 2.       2. Don’t conduct any meetings with- out minutes of proceedings. 3.       3. Don’t forget to send the reports and other information’s to concerns at defined timings. 4.       4. No information should go out of project with out notice of Competent Authority. 5.       5. Do not forget to update reconciliation statement once a month. 6.       6. Don’t permit any transaction with out proper records and documents. 7.       7. Don’t send any revision drawings to site with out cross verification from Planning section, get acknowledgement for the same.  Keep a hard copy of any documents going out for in house reference. 8.       8. Don’t forget to mark superseded and take back from the use at site soon receipt of Revised drawing.Project manager / Planning manager 1.       DAILY LABOUR REPORT: Document Identification No. PRJ/F01 2.       DAILY MEASUREMENT BOOK: Document Identification No. AD&B/PRJ/F04 3.       REINFORCEMENT STEEL MEASUREMENT: Document Identification No. AD&B/PRJ/F05 4.       Daily Progress Report: Document Identification No. AD&C/PRJ/F06 5.       BAR CHART  FOR PROJECT PROGRESS: Document Identification No. AD&B/PRJ/F08 6.       LIST OF DRAWINGS: DOCUMENT IDENTIFICATION NO. AD&B/PRJ/F09 7.       Drawing Revisions Review: Document Identification No. AD&B/ /PRJ/F10
1.       1.Maintain a abstract bill wise payment for any reference. 2.       2.Ensure work order / agreement between the parties before dispatching bill.1.       1.Don’t pass any bills with out prepared by and competent authority’s signature. 2.       2.Don’t send the running bill of subcontractors with out updating material reconciliation statement 3.        3.Don’t dispatch the bill from your side unless and until measurements are accepted by contractor.Billing engineer
1.       1. Stock balance as well as book balance should be ensured on day to day bases. 2.      2. Housekeeping and bin card system should be maintained to facilitate easy traceability. 3.       3. Ensure the office order for authority for issuing specified materials and display the same at stores issue premises 4.       4. Dispatch the bills at stores with out keeping it pending not more then three days unless with any specific reasons. 5.       5. Prepare Cost encored on project statement on  monthly 10th day  for facilitating the account statements. 1.     1.  No material should be issued to any one with out receipt of material issue slip duly signed by authorised persons. 2.       2. Don’t entertain petty cash purchase with out ensuring competent authority signature.   3.       3. Don’t keep weighing machines in project premises with out proper calibrations for load sensors. 4.       4. Don’t forget to update and delivery the material inventory to H O, once in a month before 5th of every month.1. Stores Keepers. 1.       MATERIAL RECEIPT FORM; Document Identification No. AD&B /STR/F01 2.       MATERIAL INWARD & OUTWARD AT SITE: Document Identification No. AD&B/STR/F03 3.       OWNER’S MATERIAL CHALLAN—STOCK TRANSFER: Document Identification No. AD&B/STR/F04 4.       MATERIAL ISSUE SLIP Document Identification: No. AD&B/STR/F05 5.       GATE PASS: Document Identification No. AD&B/STR/F0 6.       Material Rejection Note: Document Identification No. AD&B/STR/F07
1.      1. Maintain a list of mechanical equipment at site along with all related details. Review on monthly once. 2.      2. Update break down register, preventive maintenance scheduled and actual. 3.      3. Keep a track on fuel consumption and efficiency of the equipment under project to facilitate continual improvement.  4.       4. Keep the track of equipment utilised and out put by the same to asses the profitability.1.      1. Don’t operate any equipment with out official log book / trip sheet etc. 2.       2. Don’t schedule the equipment which is earmarked for preventive maintenance.        Mechanical maintenance engineer. 1.       Daily Progress Report in respect with earth Moving Equipment: Document Identification No. AD&B/ PRJ/F11 2.       List of Plant & Machinery Document Identification No. AD&B/MNT/F01; 3.       Machine Breakdown Record Document Identification No. SC/MNT/F02 4.       Machine Maintenance Card: Document Identification No. AD&B/MNT/F03 5.       Daily Preventive Maintenance Report: Document Identification No. AD&B/MNT/F04 6.       Generator Log Book: Document Identification No. AD&B/ MNT/F05 7.       Machine Card: Document Identification No. AD&B/MNT/F078.       Trip  Sheet: Document Identification No. SC/MNT/F06
1.      1. Collect Xerox copy of all documents spelled in Bio data by the employee, and maintain in personal file of employee. 2.      2. Maintain training schedule planed and achieved details. 3.       3.Have a periodically updated statement of recruitment details / maintain a competence profile requirement for respective post on monthly once.1.     1.  Don’t forget to maintain training attendance, evaluation and other related formats.H R Manager 1         Annual Training Schedule : Document Identification No. AD&B/ MR /HR/01 2         Training Log: Document Identification No. AD&B/MR/HR/02 3         Training Need Identification: Document Identification No. AD&B/MR/HR/03 4         Training History Card & Effectiveness: Document Identification No. AD&B/MR/HR/04 5         Training Evaluation & Feedback: Document Identification No. AD&B/MR/HR/05 6         Competence Level for Various Positions: Document Identification No. AD&B/MR/HR/06
1.      1. Ensure daily signature of employees the soon entered and start working in project premises. 2.      2. Ensure the employee apply for leave after getting sensation of competent authority only avail leave. 3      3. Ensure good filing practice to facilitate easy traceability of documents as well as records. 4      4. Ensure the facilities are to be provided for workmen like toilets at the place of work / stay. Adequate medical care required etc. 5       5.  Ensure no worker bellow 14 years for light work and 18 years for hard workers are employed by the company.1.     1.  Don’t entertain the use of company vehicles with out signature of the users in person. 2.     2. Don’t forget to take care of statutory and regulatory orders of governing bodies like. Yellow board vehicles only to be hired for rental. Ensuring all documents like PUC certificate insurances. 3.Work man compensation and CAR policy to be obtained for construction site. 4. Valid Labour licence should be in force.
1.     1.  Maintain the vender registration procedures for updating list vender’s. 2.      2. Maintain materials rejection note records for facilitating black listing of vender’s. 3.       3.Ensure CA signature before floating Purchase order.1       1.  Don’t communicate any oral / telephonic purchase  order that  should be followed with E mail or hard copy Of P O 2        2. Don’t forget to send copy to the indenter in complete track he must aware of proceedings.1         SUPPLIER’S REGISTRATION FORM: Document Identification No. AD&B/PUR/F01 2         APPROVED SUPPLIER LIST: Document Identification No. AD&B/ PUR/F02 3         DAILY LOCAL PURCHASES DOCUMENT IDENTIFICATION NO. AD&B/PUR/F05 4         PURCHASING INDENT DOCUMENT IDENTIFICATION NO. PUR/F03 5         MATERIAL ORDER FORM: DOCUMENT IDENTIFICATION NO. SC/PUR/F04 6         SUB CONTRACTOR BILL: DOCUMENT IDENTIFICATION NO. PUR/F06 7         PURCHASE ORDER: Document Identification No. PUR/F07


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